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     The philosophy I bring to my practice is that anyone can benefit from bodywork. As a practitioner I am committed to being conditioned to treat anyone at any time for any reason. I became a practitioner because I have always loved trading back rubs. Shiatsu has become a way to for me to see the body and to work in sync with the body’s abilities to effect positive change and heal. I finally had a way to see immediate results and explanation for why touch is so effective.

In my spare time I practice qi gong or yoga everyday. I am well practiced in breathing exercises and meditation. I love being outdoors surrounded by Mother Nature. I encourage my clients and friends to be optimistic about the possibilities our bodies hold. That any issue whether inside of ourselves or outside has a solution and the steps that lead to a solution are enriching and empowering.

I have found that pessimism and negative thinking is the result of having less than we need. Usually, just by opening to the more possibilities is enough to initiate real positive change.

I look forward to working with you and encouraged that we may find something out about yourself that you will benefit from immediately!

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